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@ Tap Dezign we partner with organizations of all sizes to create, iOS, Android, and web applications.

Recent work.

Tap Dezign is a boutique development company focused on quality over quantity. We prefer to work with a smaller amount of high-quality clients, allowing us to ensure projects remain at the highest caliber. Our team is built around members with years of experience in their respective fields. Depending on the project, a typical team consists of five to six members who will collaborate with your team to produce optimal results without adding bloat to your budget.

Here is a collection of some of our favorite projects. Select a project to view the details.

How we work.

  • Process is everything. How can you build a building without a set of plans?

  • Short development cycles are the new black. No big reveal at the end - you’ll see it in action from day one.

  • Listen, collaborate, partner, repeat. You’re the one calling the shots. We’re just here to do the dirty work.

  • Smarter, not harder. Our team is uniquely experienced and develops at a steady pace with the right amount of optimization and code review.

  • It’s fun. We like what we do, and so will you.


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